The Laboratory of Organic Chemistry, directed by Profs. Ivan Jabin and Gwilherm Evano, is active in organic chemistry in a broad sense. The Evano group focuses his research on the development of new processes in organic chemistry and copper catalysis and the synthesis of bioactive/natural products meanwhile the Jabin group is focused on the design, synthesis and study of molecular receptors derived from calixarenes.


For details on the research programs developed in the Jabin and Evano groups, click on the names below


Research Ivan Jabin
  • Synthesis and host-guest study of calix[6]arene based receptors
  • Anion, contact ion-pair and ion-triplet receptors
  • Supramolecular models of metallo-enzymes
  • Selective modification of macrocyclic platforms
  • Surface modification with calix[4]arenes
  • Synthesis and study of calixarene-Ru(II) complexes
  • Natural/bioactive products synthesis
  • New processes in copper catalysis / copper organometallic chemistry / photoredox catalysis
  • Chemistry of ynamides and reactive intermediates
  • polymers