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"Copper-Catalyzed Alkenylation of Cyanamides"

Nitelet, A.; Wouters, J.; Dewez, D. F.; Evano, G. Org. Lett. 2017, 19, 6276-6279. icon

2017 Org Lett Alkenylcyanamides


"A General Copper Catalyst for Photoredox Transformations of Organic Halides"

Michelet, B.; Deldaele, C.; Kajouj, S.; Moucheron, C.; Evano, G. Org. Lett. 2017, 19, 3576-3579. icon

2017 Org Lett Photocatalysis


"Copper-Catalyzed Direct Alkylation of Heteroarenes"

Theunissen, C.; Wang, J.; Evano, G. Chem. Sci. 20178, 3465-3470. icon

2017 Chem Sci Alkylation Heteroarenes


"Metal-Mediated C-O Bond Forming Reactions in Natural Product Synthesis"

Evano, G.; Wang, J.; Nitelet, A. Org. Chem. Front. 2017, 4, 2480-2499. Themed issue on "Synthetic Approaches to Natural Products via Catalytic Processes" (invited paper). With cover picture. icon

Cover OCF 20172017 OCF Review


"Cationic Polycyclization of Ynamides: Building up Molecular Complexity"

Theunissen, C.; Métayer, B.; Lecomte, M.; Henry, N.; Chan,H.-C.; Compain, G.; Gérard, P.; Bachmann, C.; Mokhtari, N.; Marrot, J.; Martin-Mingot, A.; Thibaudeau, S.; Evano G. Org. Biomol. Chem. 2017, 15, 4399-4416. Themed issue on "Polycyclic Reactions in Synthesis and Biosynthesis" (invited paper). Selected as a HOT article icon 

2017 OBC Cationic Polycyclization Ynamides


"Keteniminium Ions: Unique and Versatile Reactive Intermediates for Chemical Synthesis"

Evano G.; Lecomte, M.; Thilmany, P.; Theunissen, C. Synthesis 201749, 3183-3214. Special Issue Dedicated to Professor Herbert Mayr (invited paper). icon 

2017 Synthesis Review Keteniminium


"Aryl Ynol Ethers: Stable, Readily Available and Useful Precursors of Highly Reactive Ketenium Ions"

Lecomte, M.; Evano G. Lett. Org. Chem. 2017, 14, 539-542 (invited paper). icon

2017 Lett Org Chem Ketenimium Ions


"The Anionic chemistry of Ynamides: a Review"

Evano, G.; Michelet, B.; Zhang, C. C. R. Chimie 2017, 20, 648-664. Special issue on "New Pluses in Carbanion Chemistry" (invited paper). icon

2017 CRChimie Review Anionic Chemistry Ynamides


"Copper-Catalyzed Arylation of Nucleophiles: History, Renaissance and Scalable Reactions"

Tlili, A.; Evano, G.; Taillefer, M. In Applied Homogeneous Catalysis with Organometallic Compounds, Cornils, B.; Herrmann, W. A.; Beller, M.; Paciello, R. Eds.; Wiley-VCH: Weinheim, 2017, ISBN: 978-3-527-32897-0, pp. 744-763.